Covid-19: Where are testing sites in France?

Covid-19 were to get tested in France in video

Test and detect Covid-19 as soon as possible is at the heart of the epidemic control strategy. But what about the testing sites number in France and their location? Our answer within data visualization, based on opendata file provided by french government: At the menu, a dashboard built in a few minutes that tells you … Read more

Kibana Do It Yourself can be a real temptation

You expect to use Kibana and manage a successful Do It Yourself (DIY) installation but you wonder if it’s at your reach… As we already made this many times, we’ll let you know a bit more on what kind of challenge Kibana Elasticsearch Do It Yourself might be! | How to get started with drop to Kibana?

How to get started with drop to Kibana? Kibana Elasticsearch is a high-performance analytics and data visualization tool and provides an off-the-peg access. Here’s how to start exploring your data with “Drop to Kibana” Feature and be able to explore any large volume of data through a browser-based interface. In this article, we will … Read more | What is Kibana?

What is Kibana? Because it’s summer and your concerns are more on the beach, you might think that Kibana is the latest fashionable swimwear brand. Well not! Barely less glamorous than bikini, Kibana is a real treasure in the world of datavisualization and we gonna explain why. 2020/07/27 | Drop to Kibana || Photo by … Read more | The ultimate Big Data Glossary

The ultimate Data Glossary   Big data sounds like new landscape to you? Good place, Guys! Our Data Glossary is cooked for everyone: we target some big data keys words explanation to understand easily data’s world!  2020/07/06 | Data Culture   Analytics Systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is mainly used for the … Read more | How to hierarchize data

DATAVIZ: How to hierarchize data When you want to show a hierarchal structure in data and show proportions, some great charts can help. 2020/06/23 | DATAVISUALIZATION We propose five charts that can easily fit your need. Most of them are perfectly adapted for numeric data but we suggest one chart specially dedicated for string and … Read more | When data quality matters

When data quality matters « what’s the link between Popeye and data quality ? » 2020/06/16 | Data Culture This is one of the funniest storie we are glad to share with you about one of the most famous cartoon character, created by Elzie Crisler Segar en 1929. By 1932, he was getting “strength” from eating spinach. Do … Read more