Octave.io | When data quality matters

When data quality matters « what’s the link between Popeye and data quality ? » 2020/06/16 | Data Culture This is one of the funniest storie we are glad to share with you about one of the most famous cartoon character, created by Elzie Crisler Segar en 1929. By 1932, he was getting “strength” from eating spinach. Do … Read more

Octave.io | Big Data is dead, long live Big Data

Big Data is dead, long live Big Data 2020/06/15 | Data Culture || Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash As we already set, Big Data brings powerful technology to analyze and better use your data. « What’s real Data usage » Let us tell you what’s real big data in every day life of our customers. … Read more

Octave.io | Why dataviz matters ?

Why dataviz matters? A picture is worth a billion data 2020/06/04 | Data Culture Using pictures to understand data is no news or revolution: centuries ago, our ancestors used maps, graphs and schemas to depict situations in various fields from scientific to military topics. Today, data is growing faster and faster and we can manage … Read more

Octave.io | Dataviz in action: Electric cars and e-bikes in France

Dataviz in action: Electric cars and e-bikes in France Datavisualization, this powerful tool that reveals the essentials of information at a glance. Nice and efficient! Using data from the Avere France association in charge of developing Electric mobility, we share the evolution of electric car registrations and e-bikes sales since 2014. 2020/06/02 | Data Culture … Read more

Octave.io | COVID 19: CHLOROQUINE effective or not ?

COVID 19: CHLOROQUINE Effective or not? We have concocted a dataviz which sheds light on the analysis carried out by a trio of the IHU counting Professor Didier Raoult, on the basis of 21 clinical studies, including the famous Lancet one. The COVID-19 epidemic has opened up a broad medical, media and sometimes ideological debate … Read more

Octave.io | Where are the main open-data sources?

FOCUS COVID-19: Where are the main open-data sources? Open Data: Lots talk but few make… What are we talking about? The Covid-19 crisis lights for large public the importance of Open Data. As we used open data to build our Covid19 dashboard, we propose to share here on what is exactly Open Data and some … Read more