Octave.io | 5 reasons to master your data

5 reasons to master your data 2020/03/04 | Data Culture 1 – Customers are better known If there was only one key to your company success, it would be to know your customers. How can you satisfy someone you don’t know? Even when you think you do, you can be mistaken. Who has never made … Read more

Octave.io | GDPR compliance – Let us help you!

In charge of the GDPR compliance? Let us help you! 2019/12/18 | GDPR – Global data regulation Today is a great day, the moment you’ve been waiting for has come : you are promoted! Years of efforts have finally paid. But, as your uncle Ben used to say, “with great promotion come great responsabilities”, that’s … Read more

Octave.io | Personal Data, tell me more!

Personal Data, tell me more! Personal Data, PII, Sensitive Data. But what are we talking about exactly? Here is a smart graphics to sum up the different personal data types! 2019/12/12 | Data Culture Looking forward to comply with GDPR but with an user-friendly tool? Let’s get started with our solution Personal Data Tracker!

Octave.io | Upload Data and speed limits?

What about upload Data and speed limits? 2019/12/12 | Data Culture Because you are using Octave Big Data solutions, we know speed and efficiency is what you are looking for. For sure, internet isn’t as fast as we’d like to. It has material speed limits. Whether you are using optic fiber, ADSL, cable, satellite, 4G, … Read more