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Big Data is dead, long live Big Data

LIV. Your life your way 2020/06/15 | Data Culture || Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

As we already set, Big Data brings powerful technology to analyze and better use your data.

« What’s real Data usage »

Let us tell you what’s real big data in every day life of our customers.

Security => « How can my data be in a security ? » « Where are my data stored ? »

Network => « I want it automatic ! »

Pricing => « I want it cheap »

Feature => « What’s the difference between Excel ? » « How can i make my own dashboard ? How can i share it ? »

Let’s go deeper inside what’s the real big deal under those kind of questions : most of people try to copy/paste usage of data they already control because it’s already managed either through their laptop or through software. xlsx files or csv can make them touch and see their data grow as when you « grow your own garden ».

« Power is nothing without control, BIG without data vizualization either»

Power is nothing whithout control 2020/06/15 | Data Culture

It’s now more than 25 year’s since Pirelli made us understand (and maybe sell more tyres?!) how technology should help.

In fact Big Data, AI, Deap Learning and other modern or « buzzworlds » technologies mean nothing without data control.

Garbage in/out – Data quality criterias – Master data management – Data lineage – Data prep tools – Datavisualization – Cloud hosting

These are skills or tools that simply help people understand and control data. This is the first real step, and this is why most of big companies (with huge budgets) mainly focus on recruiting security, data prep, architecture & network skills, full-stack developpers or data scientist (the one that should know most of these skills) profiles.

We octave.io gathered all those skills and made it available for most of you in a simple and low-cost manner.