Discover menu in Kibana … get more insights

Kibana is a dataviz tool that helps you to use data files with high volume of rows, and lets you make your own graphics. Next to the kibana loading step, you can use 3 differents menus (included in Kibana) to be able to play with your data: Discover, Visualise and Dashboard. In case you aim to get a … Read more

What is a csv file?

First of all, let’s start with a bit of vocabulary. CSV stands for Coma Separated Values or Character Separated Values. This means that the data are delimited by comma but also semicolons, tabs, quotes. It is a type of text file. In other words, in a spreadsheet like Excel, you can display information arranged in … Read more | The ultimate Big Data Glossary

The ultimate Data Glossary   Big data sounds like new landscape to you? Good place, Guys! Our Data Glossary is cooked for everyone: we target some big data keys words explanation to understand easily data’s world!  2020/07/06 | Data Culture   Analytics Systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is mainly used for the … Read more