What about upload Data and speed limits?

What about upload Data and speed limits? 2019/12/12 | Data Culture

Because you are using Octave Big Data solutions, we know speed and efficiency is what you are looking for. For sure, internet isn't as fast as we'd like to. It has material speed limits. Whether you are using optic fiber, ADSL, cable, satellite, 4G, etc. the speed limits of your uploads won't be the same.

Please notice these are estimates.

In order to give you a quick idea of the average speed limits according to your connexion, we can say that, for 1 Go upload with :

  • Optic fiber : 3 minutes
  • Satellite : 17 minutes
  • 4G : 17 minutes
  • ADSL : 2 hours

Please check your upload speed average and calculate your own speed limits using online calculators that will take into account your box specifications and your gear.

Time saved anyway !

Be sure our features are very fast and you will eventually gain time ! When your file is uploading, speed is out of our control, once it is in our secured environment, everything is rapid, automatic and very flexible.

Billions of datas treated in seconds is worthing the wait of the upload !