Datavisualization as a key to improve your sales!

Datavisualization as a key to improve your sales 2020/01/07 | Kibana

You are a salesman, you work for an online shop and your mission is to restock and make sure everything is sold. Nothing original, you have tools to do that! You have data and a dashboard to see how much you sold, to whom, and the possibility to have a tracking file for each client. This is a huge backoffice tool, but as many, it is limited. You can’t make your own graphics, you can’t personalize or make deeper or more precise analysis.

It’s been some years now that you deal with this lack of information. Enough is enough! You want to improve your customer knowledge. You want to make your own graphics instead of getting those the backoffice orders. You really want to master billions of data you have.

As always, you call the colleague who made it easy for all your company to comply with the GDPR regulation. You guess this smart guy could have a solution.

And well done… He has the solution!

Why don’t you use the “Drop to Kibana” tool?

– “The what?” was your first reaction.

– The “Drop to Kibana” tool. As a picture is worth than a thousand words, I email you content to help you understand what it is all about.

Then, you receive this video…

and a warning :

“As “Drop to Kibana” is a massive tool, it may seem difficult to get what you need. But, trust me, you won’t find an easier one with that much possibilities. Keep on trying and you’ll succeed.
In case you have questions or suggestions, has a very cool community and many tutorials are about to be released on its YouTube Channel.
Anything can be changed, customized and the updates are instantly available. So that you can have access to any information and have some you didn’t even expect you could get! As soon as you are able to measure the power of this tool, you may feel the “force be with you”. The Young Kibanawan that you are today will soon become a “Drop to Kibana” Jedi.
Get the free trial, and see by yourself!
May the Force be with you…”