FOCUS COVID-19: Efficient dashboard built from “Drop to Kibana” gives you accurate insights in seconds

As previously shared, we built a Kibana dashboard from the open data Covid19 released by John Hopkins University. We forecast to show you shortly “step by step” way to get this results but first, we sum up here an overview of the benefits to use such datavisualisation and exploration tools as Drop to kibana.

3 Big Benefits of “Drop to Kibana”

1. Never lose a droplet of the “oil”: Fully use raw data

We pushed into elasticsearch kibana all and exhaustive daily records available from March 22nd.

What is important is that we ingest all raw data with geolocation (longitude, latitude), timestamp in “state” with simple drag and drop. Each day, around 3000 records are available covering the world Covid-19 situation and we integrate each of them every day very fast and simply!

We guess you’ll prefer the result in Kibana dashboard instead of the raw data as the exemple herefater😉. But all the “oil” is collected and ready to be used, no droplet of data is left down

The ultimate Big Data Glossary 2020/04/21 | FOCUS COVID-19

2. No Headache, datas directly pushed into Kibana

Use data in Kibana for non technicals is never a child game but forget it, “Drop to Kibana” is designed for those prefer to get insights from data that spend time to prepare, code, test, try again and again to expect a result…

How? The “drop to kibana” apps takes in charge all the ingestion process from your raw data up to their availability in Elasticsearch Kibana stack. For exemple, more than 250 dates formats types are automatically detected so you can be peace-minded on data integrity as much as for geolocation data.

As a result, use Covid-19 daily data is easy… The date format is correctly processed as well as all the various field including latitude and longitude mapped as geopoint.
Now you guess the next point, you will be able to refine the oil on your own with datavizualisation approach…

The ultimate Big Data Glossary

3. Get insights in seconds on your own

Now you’re the boss!! You play with smart, powerfull and easy to use datavisualizations and dynamic dashboards to answer questions…

Data are exhautive in Kibana, you just have to play and get insights from data on your own way. The geolocation allows map datavisualization, with dynamic selection to zoom on a area. You have data all over the world but if the question is focused on Africa, just select the area on the map and you get the answers. All the charts are fully dynamics and you can play with map selection, timeline or full-text filter…

The ultimate Big Data Glossary The ultimate Big Data Glossary Now if you look for insights on Europe situation or other parts of the world, just have a look on the 1mn video to see it in action. Sure you’ll be a fan because Covid-19 Dashboard is a current example to show up agility and customization availability with Drop to Kibana. It’s definitely a perfect tool to explore and make value from raw data, easy to use for anyone, anywhere, anytime…

Stay tuned, news coming soon to detail the open-data sources available and the step by step actions to get the dashboard by yourself!

If you can’t wait next post, feel free to have a look on our Drop to Kibana tutorials and videos to make your first steps quickly!