In charge of the GDPR compliance? Let us help you!

In charge of the GDPR compliance? Let us help you! 2019/12/18 | GDPR – Global data regulation

Today is a great day, the moment you’ve been waiting for has come : you are promoted!
Years of efforts have finally paid. But, as your uncle Ben used to say, “with great
promotion come great responsabilities”, that’s why you are now in charge of the GDPR
compliance and… you don’t even know what this is all about.

The next day, you decide to get information and find on the
Octave Glossary that GDPR means General Data Protection
Regulation. It primarily aims to give control to individuals over their personal data.
Since the 25th of May 2018 GDPR applies to everybody inside EU.

Ok, it’s a good start. But how do you get personal data of all the files every
department of your company has?

Let’s say you have 4 ways :

1 – You quit your job

We know we can expect more from you, because you’re already reading this article,
which means you are looking for a solution! And you’re about to get it!

2- You decide to do it by yourself

We hope you are organised, have a lot of time to waste and are a champion in finding
a needle in a haystack!

If you choose that option, you’ll have to :

  • Get all the files of the different departments;
  • Be able to open them and to understand the files without asking details every 2 minutes ;
  • Check line by line, column by column personal data.

If you are able to recognize every type of personal data without any mistake
among billions of data, there is no doubt you have super-powers and deserve a
better promotion!

But, let’s be realistic, there is no chance you achieve with this method.

3 – You hire an audit team

That is one solution that is worth it… if you have both money and time to waste!
Yes, audit teams will probably be efficient… maybe not, but will for sure cost
you an arm and a leg.

Imagine how invasive it will be to your colleagues, how much time they will need
to collect and understand all the files over every department, and how expansive
it is! And please, don’t forget… Audit teams are humans (yes, we’re pretty sure
of that), so they can miss sometimes.

You’ll probably need to check what they are doing and read their reports.

This is a way to do it, but wait a minute… When you clicked on the Octave glossary,
you read about “Personal Data Tracker”…

4 – You use the Personal Data Tracker

That’s right, “Personal Data Tracker”! The glossary mentions : “detects
and sorts your sensitive data (names, first names, addresses, telephone numbers,
bank details, health…). It is an “automated” inventory to ease your compliance
with the GDPR (or RGPD in “French”-> yes we are) requirements…”.

  • “Detects” : Yes! You have nothing to do but upload your files and choose “Personal Data Tracker” tool ;
  • “Sorts” : Every personal data detected is highlighted and its type his known (names, firsts names, addresses, telephone numbers, bank details, etc.) ;
  • “Automated” ? Yes! One click and it’s done! Billions of datas checked in seconds with “Personal Data Tracker”. 2 clicks to download the results!

We guess your boss will soon realize that you are very popular and made your company save money
for better results…

We shortly tell you what can be a second step and how to empower all the company in the project!

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