Visualize In Kibana, Make it work !

Kibana is a dataviz tool that helps you to use data files with high volume of rows, and lets you make your own graphics. Next to the kibana loading step, you can use 3 differents menus to be able to play with your data: Discover, Visualize and Dashboard.

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Let’s have a look in details at Visualize feature in Kibana.

Thanks to our last article, we recently explored Discover menu feature within your data. Nous allons We are now going to discover visualize function in Kibana.

Onglet Visualize-

In this tab :

  1. we still have a search bar to help us easily find out visualize graphs through their name.
  2. a + that launch visualization creation tool.
  3. Visualization listing of every graph you already made (click on that to update).

Create a visualization in Kibana

Once you clicked on the +, you’ll get a pop-up in which you’ll have to choose graph template.

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Choose a visualization

Basic charts:
Line, Area and Bar charts: Compare different series in X/Y charts.
Heat maps: Shade cells within a matrix.
Pie chart: Display each source’s contribution to a total.

Data table: Display the raw data of a composed aggregation.
Metric: Display a single number.
Goal et Gauge: Display a gauge.

Coordinate map: Associate the results of an aggregation with geographic locations.
Region map: Thematic maps where a shape’s color intensity corresponds to a metric’s value. locations.

Time Series:
Timelion: Compute and combine data from multiple time series data sets.
Time Series Visual Builder: Visualize time series data using pipeline aggregations..

Controls: Controls provide the ability to add interactive inputs to Kibana Dashboards.
Markdown widget: Display free-form information or instructions..
Tag cloud: Display words as a cloud in which the size of the word correspond to its importance.
Vega graph: Support for user-defined graphs, external data sources, images, and user-defined interactivity.

A few visualization examples

Tag cloud

Créer une visualisation

Kibana will need you to pick-up the index pattern in which you’ll work

Then, you’ll have to configure Tag cloud dataviz so that you display data thanks to the left sidebar.

“Metrics” menu helps you define which value will be diplayed fo each word. Count is selected by default, corresponding to number of times each word repetition.

Metrics tag cloud

Select “Tag Size” then “aggregation,”, you’ll choose available metrics for each value as average; maximum/minimum, median, sum etc …

Buckets tag cloud

Then, choose a “Bucket” that make our data filtered through chosen words in Tag cloug display. Click on “tags” under Buckets menu to do so.

In Field, choose what field you want to display.
In Size, parameter number of value you’ll get.

Then, just don’t forgett to click on Play button to update the graph.

Gif tag cloud
Display options
Options pie chart

Selecting “Options” tab, you can update Tag cloud graph display. In Cloud Tag: text scale, orientations or font size can be parametered.

Once again, please don’t forget to click on blue Play button to update.


As well as Tag Cloud, you choose an index to play with.

Same interface with “Metrics” and “Buckets” in this one.

To make the graph available and create chunks of our pie, we need to go into Buckets menu and select “split slices”. Then select the aggregation option and labels.

Donut chart

In display option, it is possible to update it as a donutand select/unselect “donut” checkbox.

Pie chart

Thanks to these options, you’ll also choose legend position, activate/desactivate mouse over diagram diplay (Show Tooltip). You can update labels, show value in slices or display number of other info.

Simply change slices color of your pie chart if you click on legend option.

Graphical “horizontal bar”

First parameter Y axis metrics menu. Select “Y-axis Count” and choose the right aggregation. Here, i select average.

Choix des champs Metrics

Then, select the right “Field” to use in visualization. In our example, we choose number of new cases each week (df_cases_weekly).

Choix des champs metrics

Let’s play now with buckets to parameter X axis. Select “X-axis” menu and choose an aggregation. In this example, we can choose date filter or terms. We choose “terms”. As we did previously, we’ll choose a “Field” that lets us use which data category we want to display. I’ll choose order by continent (df_continentExp.keyword).

Choix des champs Buckets
Buckets options  Visualize dans kibana

You can choose to display graphics by increasing/decreasing order(1), and number of rows (2).
2 checkbox are available (3), to choose a unique category for “others”, or display missing values.

Then, click on blue “Play” button to update the graph.

exemple visu  Visualize dans kibana
Customize graph:

Select parameter tab for visualization and change Metrics & Axis to update graph “line” or “area”.

Metrics & Axes demo Visualize dans kibana

Metrics & Axis, you can hide x-axis (unselect “show”) or change its position.

Metrics & Axes demo Visualize dans kibana

“Panel Setting” tablets you change legend position, hide/show tooltip (show tooltip checkbox) order buckets by sum (Order Buckets by sum checkbox).
Grid option lets you show x-axis globally or within each step.

Panel Setting demo - Visualize dans kibana

As previously shown, up to you to change colors with a click on each legend.

Utilisation de JSON

Utilisation de JSON dans Kibana - Visualize dans kibana

In each visualization, you can add a JSON section to customize it with additionel and specific aggregation.

Save your visualization

Is it now ok with you dataviz ? If yes then please click in the header as shown below

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est image-16.png.

Choose a name and click on Save. Make it specific to be able able to find it again afterwards.

Enregistrer une visualisation - Visualize dans kibana

You now get the keys to play wiht Visualize in Kibana

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