What is Kibana?

Because it’s summer and your concerns are more on the beach, you might think that Kibana is the latest fashionable swimwear brand.

Well not!

Barely less glamorous than bikini, Kibana is a real treasure in the world of datavisualization and we gonna explain why.

Qu'est ce que Kibana 2020/07/27 | Drop to Kibana || Photo by Ed Zavala on Unsplash

Kibana is not a trendy bikini brand but high performance and open source data analysis and visualization solution.

Kibana, what is it exactly?

Kibana is a data visualization web interface associated with the ELK Elasticsearch Kibana Logstash analysis platform. This tool is exceptional because it is an open source product, a rare thing in the field of data visualization. The features offered are extremely powerful: through its graphical interface and no code, Kibana opens access to a wide audience to a flexible and high-performance data product.

What kibana allows

3 key functionalities are available: Explore data, create graphs and make interactive dashboards.

DISCOVER or data mining.

Searching for specific information among thousands or millions of records, sorting information according to multiple criteria or even analyzing unstructured data such as comments are easy and efficient with DISCOVER.Simple as Google, full-text search and basic analysis features bring both quantitative and qualitative insights of data.

The ultimate Big Data Glossary

VISUALIZE or the magic of the image

Around twenty types of graphs are available in Kibana and offer a ready-to-use palette to make your data speak: the classics of course but also sophisticated donuts, heatmap, word cloud and other sunburst diagrams are at your fingertips, as well as geo maps native in the tool. Almost everything is customizable and above all your graph is instantly updated when you play on the search or filter functions of DISCOVER which remain active. Just beautiful, powerful, and very fun to use.

DASHBOARD or the 360 ​​° vision

Your graphics created, you can build a dashboard by simply drag and drop. Forget the tedious requests to your IT department, the endless delays to update the reporting of your activity or the company’s Business Intelligence system. You are in control, you can assemble the graphics as you wish, modify their shape on the fly, create new ones, change the layout independently.

The ultimate Big Data Glossary

Drop to Kibana: the ready-to-use solution

Open source, powerful, agile, customizable, it has it all. You think the picture is too idyllic to be true and you are not entirely wrong.

To use Kibana, you have to go through 2 steps:

– Successful installation of the ELK stack

– Knowing how to integrate data into Elasticsearch to be able to use them with Kibana

Is it complicated? Frankly, if you are a computer whiz, and you want to use Kibana on a small scale, you should achieve it … You will certainly dare to go through an imposing documentation and then come to the end of the subject by dint of lines, of code and hours of viewing tutorials to guide you.

But if you are pragmatic, adept at solutions rather than complications and especially if you need to analyze data and produce results quickly, we advise to try Drop to Kibana

Forget infrastructure, installation and other IT issues: with Drop to kibana, your data are available and made ready in kibana within few clicks. No expert or big project needed, octave.io platform opens the doors of Kibana through online service accessible to all.

Using Kibana in autonomous is now possible: regardless of your organization size or your means, you benefit from one of the most efficient data analysis and visualization solutions on the market with octave.io

And nothing prevents you to enjoy it by the pool 😉

The ultimate Big Data Glossary 2020/07/06 | Data Culture || Photo by Ed Zavala sur Unsplash

Drop to Kibana, the Kibana as a service solution that can be used even with your feet in the water.