Why dataviz matters?

A picture is worth a billion data

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2020/06/04 | Data Culture

Using pictures to understand data is no news or revolution: centuries ago, our ancestors used maps, graphs and schemas to depict situations in various fields from scientific to military topics.

Today, data is growing faster and faster and we can manage a large amount of data with computing and big data technologies. But human brains can’t only work with tables, raw data or awful spreadsheets: we need to see in concrete to evaluate data, compare or understand trends.

Everyone knows “a picture is worth a thousand words” but nowadays it should better be said “a picture is worth a billion data”.

Datavisualization is this way we make data talk through visual approaches as charts, diagrams or maps to turn them into comprehensive and tight information. It’s often the shortest path to convey concepts in a universal manner.

Datavisualization is a key to democratize data for the largest public: Displaying graphics, representations make data and facts simple, accessible and sometimes beautiful. We can quote the famous data journalism David Mc Candless who combines “truth and beauty” in esthetic datavisualization where the topic is also embodied by the form: probably a pioneer in this area.

In daily business life, datavisualization is at our reach. Bar or pie charts, flow maps and other plots lines can easily be used on small or big data, at your scale.

To success in your datavisualization, we’ll soon deliver some key points and samples.

📢 Stay tuned and follow our next posts to discover how datavisualization can become your next data way of life in easy and simple way!