Personal Data Tracker
Smart and accurate analysis tool for DPO & Teams

Personal Data Tracker

Automatically search, identify and classify existing sensitive PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data in your files to comply with global data protection regulation like the GDPR, LGPD or CCPA. Personal Data Tracker is based on Big Data techs to handle fast every information and deliver a full and detailed personal data inventory. Audit, data inventory, maintained assessment :
we make compliance easy, cut-price and efficient


Powerful and exhaustive automatic PII detection :
29 sensitive data types covered

We are using best of breed open source Big Data technology and best rates NLP (Natural Langage Processing) algorithm to help you retrieve every PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in your files. There's no way you could find better option to be precise, quick and easy with GDPR compliance.

Personal Data Tracker

The sensitive data discovery done right
to ensure your next compliance audit

Get autonomy, efficiency and save money with fully automated inventory made through Personal Data Tracker inside

Personal Data Tracker

Get autonomous

List every PII you rown way inside your files, whatever is the organization, number of files or databases inside your company.

Personal Data Tracker

Save time and money

DPO and team, take the power and introduce a world without manual discovery. Forget tedious inventory, no need either to spend much money and time or require audit from external team...

Personal Data Tracker


As our solution is based on best available technologies, we assume that you'll get every relevant PII inside your data. No human being can make it more precise and exhaustive.

Easier than ever, you precisely audit your file and classify
the PII within few minutes

Personal Data Tracker


Upload files with drag and drop, then select one to analyze with Personal Data Tracker. You get it!


Personal informations detected are classified, you get a global overview for each file you processed.

Personal Data Tracker
Personal Data Tracker


Detailed inventory is available in your data playground : sensitive data are classified, located and match likelihood is provided. You can download the exhaustive report.


Here's a view on each file where you can easily detect where are the PII in your files. It's now up to you to decide your actions plan to prepare your next assessment.

Personal Data Tracker